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Imagine being Matt and Chloe Nauschutz back in March this year. Having decided to resign their jobs in Wellington, selling all their belongings except
what they could pack into an 8kg bag and heading off overseas for a year. You are happily sitting on a yacht on the Gold Coast 2 days prior to heading
to Bali when Jacinta makes the call to all New Zealanders to come home NOW!!

From being in total relaxation to a manic stress. Come home or keep going and risk Covid? The next three days were the most stressful of their lives. Everything for Bali couldn’t get back, they were screwed.

Deciding not to risk it, they grabbed some of the last seats available to return home. They’d worry about refunds for lost bookings later.

Matt is a keen photographer, as you can see from his work. He was also keen on Otago having visited a few times and felt through his photography a
real affinity for the area. So, when they returned unexpectedly, it became an easy decision to relocate and after settling on Kingston, Matt got to work during isolation and set up a 6 month lease, sight unseen. They have lived on the lakes edge now for nine months. Settling into Kingston has been seamless, and they haven’t regretted a day, despite the winter winds and a couple of snow days.

Matt has used his time taking stunning imagery of the Wakatipu region, some of which we will showcase over the next few week.
Check out his website