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How we are helping the community during these difficult times

KiwiHarvest has been seen as an essential service by the Ministry of Social Development. This is a huge win for not only Queenstown, but for New Zealanders across the country that rely on donated food. KiwiHarvest plays a vital role in the social service chain. We are rescuing food from supermarkets then deliver it to charities who then make up care parcels for those in need.

This service is more important now than ever, as many in our community have now been made redundant or are functioning on reduced hours. Now, in lockdown, only two local charities have been granted essential services status, Salvation Army and Baskets of Blessings Meals. Last week, we saw a demand increase by about 400%. Bidfood came to the party with a very large donation of surplus produce that could no longer be sold on to local cafes and restaurants. That meant, on Friday, we were able to distribute around 40 food packages to those with an immediate need.

As Salvation Army has already been inundated with requests for support. This meant that KiwiHarvest was responsible for creating the produce packages and ensuring they were given out to those who needed it most. This process is usually handled by the charities, but at times like these, we all must band together to get the job done. This is just the beginning, and we anticipate the need for food support to grow even greater in the coming weeks. QLDC have also been essential in streamlining this surge of need, by providing a support request form on their website. If you, or anyone you know is struggling during these difficult times please reach out to us.

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