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How to tell if you are not living to your full potential.


Do you feel like you have to please others all the time?

Do you compromise your happiness and put others first?

When someone compliments you, do you respond with;

“Oh thanks but it was in the sale, or it’s old, or no I haven’t lost weight it’s this top, it makes me look trimmer?”
Do you feel that you have lost where you are going and who you really are?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then read on, let me explain what’s happening.
The reason that you are pleasing others or as I like to call it a ‘people pleaser’ is because for a moment this allows you to feel fulfilled when they thank you, it allows you to feel for a moment what you want to feel constantly, happy with yourself.

However, what’s happening is you’re looking for external gratification to give you internal gratification, this is an allusion in itself. It’s short lived and this is why you need to continue to please others, compromising your own happiness in order to get the small fixes to feel good about yourself.

Now this might sound harsh and you may say, ‘Hang on Amanda this is only me for a short period of time, I don’t people please all the time!’
However, if this is a consistent behaviour, what you’re really looking for is to bring that feeling internally so that you can just feel happy with who you are and how you show up in the world.

So how do you become happy just being you, how do you switch off the people pleasing switch searching for those small fixes?

A client recently said to me after we had done some Neural Coding™ sessions together on just this, being herself.

“Amanda, I love just being me, it is so relaxing and easy, I don’t have to ‘be’ anyone else, or think how I need to behave, it’s so calming.”
I responded with;
“I am delighted you love being you, cos everyone else is kinda taken.”

She had never thought about this before, so often we can wish we were like someone else, slimmer, fitter, cooler, funnier, sportier, funkier and the list goes on, we wish we were not us.

You are you, wishing you were like someone else is a huge distraction, you are you, all that needs to happen now is to reconnect yourself with you, see you for who you are.

Intelligent, a genius, loving, kind, caring, creative, adaptable, prograssive and your list is endless, yet we lose this when we come into older years. The sparkle gets dull, the curiosity and mystery is replaced with ‘normal.’ And we settle.

Then life just ebbs and flows, we just go with it, pleasing others, compromising ourselves.

If you want to find you then here’s the plan, we have a free tool for you, the only thing it will cost you is about 5 hours of your time, are you in?

“Just Be Me’ is an online course, it normally retails at around $600 and we are giving it away, why? Because it works, it helps people and that’s what we do, help people.