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Exhibition Review

Neon painted snowboard

What: AboveBoard recycled snowboard exhibition
Where: Queenstown Art Centre
When: Friday 17th of July - until 21st July
Reviewer: Ch’i Bangs

Strutting out of the bitter cold into a cosy Queenstown Art Centre, like it was 2019. Stretching the chin over the shoulder in front, to get a gander at the snowboard art on display.

It was only 5.40 pm and the room was already radiating with bodies, red stickers were placed but a looming hum of covid convos brought you back to 2020 reality. We are unbelievably lucky! Looking at art “normally’’ is a public health risk in infected countries. Locals hugged one another and cooed in wonderment that this iconic winter art exhibition could happen at all.

‘AboveBoard’ is in its 3rd year and organiser Jase Johns from NZShred remains confident about the event going ahead but admittedly is stunned by the number of entries. The ‘Aboveboard’ exhibition took the wall space of two rooms. Artist had only 3 weeks to get their recycled snowboard display ready.

One artist confessed he was in a state of slumber before this project. Crafting his creation on a board base gave him a purpose to get up in the morning.

Pacing the side of the walls, the imagination of artists was eclectic. Cascading autumn leaves, clay monsters and big flowers modelled out from the board. Detailed etched leather, laser cut wood, fluro paint, graffiti art, poetry and painted landscapes set in resin. The event had a realist approach, it wasn’t going to hold its guests for hours on end. The prizegiving was wrapped up by 6.15 pm with proceeds going towards the ‘Happiness House’. The people’s choice – The dutch shredder; a board painted in traditional dutch colours with quirky clogs as the bindings. I was bemused by the creativity.

Jase did not want to slap a theme on the exhibition, much to the pester from others “I hate the idea of telling someone what to do”… “It’s beautifully random”. The perfect depiction of this soul-warming event.