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Erik’s Fish & Chips: Reading Challenge 2020

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Erik’s Fish & Chips: Reading Challenge 2020

In 2019 Eriks worked with local Wanaka Primary Schools to encourage children to read chapter books. Every time a student read 5 chapter books they would receive a free kids meal from Erik’s Fish and Chips - ½ scoop chips and tomato sauce, plus either a hot dog or 4 fish bites, valued at $6.50.

Melissa Ashby, the teacher in charge of the local library at Wanaka Primary School, was blown away by the success of the program and how it encouraged children to read.

In 2020 we were planning to launch it into all Queenstown’s local primary schools and along came Covid-19 so the program has now been launched on line as of the 1st April 2020 so that students can have a treat after the lockdown is over.

Erik’s Fish and Chips is now working with local tourism operators to see how a similar program would help bring domestic tourism back to Queenstown. Once that’s done there are dreams of taking the program nationally.

One of the main reasons Anna, the owners of Erik’s is especially keen to offer this deal is that they personally have a son who struggled when learning to read and consequently it was very hard to get him to read anything more than comic’s etc. He loved and still loves food so this would have worked a treat for him.

“Learning to read was also real struggle for me. If it wasn’t for my parents putting in a lot of extra hours in particular my dad, Erik reading me many chapter books as I grew up, I would not be where I am today. I encourage all children to take part in this challenge” Theo Arndt _ General Manager Sales – Cardrona Distillery

To take part follow the link