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Do you have some decisions to make right now? Are you finding it difficult to make the right call?

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Do you have some decisions to make right now? Are you finding it difficult to make the right call?
Dr Amanda Foo-Ryland

Then this quick 3 minute read will help you make the right choice.

The easiest way to explain this is with a recent example, my friends daughter had a decision to make, should she stay at the private school in Lisbon or come back to the state school in the Algarve? Her parents had paid for the education yet she felt she could learn as much from being in her old school, she was in a dilemma.

I listened as she weighed up the pros and cons, she’d written down her list and still not sure what to do. She talked in circles for around an hour, becoming more and more confused.

I pulled out of my pocket a coin (I had popped it there to use for this purpose).

“OK, let’s toss for it, heads you stay in Lisbon and tales you come back to the Algarve! Best of 3, here we go, are you ready?”

Now, firstly, she was a little shocked, everyone is familiar with the toss of a coin, yet the way I was about to use this is not to rely on the toss of the coin but to see what it is that she really wants, deep in her heart.

I tossed the coin and it landed heads up. I tossed it again and did not let her see the coin, tales I said, OK so down to the last one.

Just before I tossed it, I said “What are you hoping it is this time?”

“Heads” she said, not missing a beat, I tossed the coin and exclaimed, ”Heads it is, you know all along what it is that you wanted, you just didn’t know that you knew.”

She told me that she could feel her reactions with the coin, heads she was excited, tales she was disappointed.

We always know what is best for us, if we can just get out of the way of ourselves, this little exercise does just that.

I call it the Truth Test and it works every time, try it, toss the coin to help others, make sure you have both outcomes, then ask what they want it to be next. For yourself, just let the coin do what it does and ask yourself, how do I feel, is this right?

You will find your truth, trust me.