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Cory Marshall Gallery


Cory Marshall Gallery adds further to Queenstown landscape photography gallery depth

While the official opening isn’t until the 24th Cory has been busy transforming the Air NZ downtown check in space opposite Novotel Hotel into Queenstown’s latest landscape photography gallery venue.
He’s had to turn his talent to furniture design and completely changing the space, including putting in a new wooden floor create a gallery where his and Jordan McInally’s work is beautifully showcased.

Four years ago, Cory moved from the United States to New Zealand, having fallen in love with the Southern Alps, he decided to make the region his permanent home. ‘Even though The Southern Alps doesn’t have the height of the Rocky Mountains, it more than makes up for it with its scale and enormous panoramic aspect, not to mention it’s easier to access’ says Cory when we caught up in the gallery last week.

While he has always wanted to have a permanent gallery, he couldn’t have picked a more interesting time to launch, with the International market gone for now and signing the lease during a pandemic, but despite that, he has been pleasantly surprised at the steady stream of people dropping in and the number of orders he received, especially from Auckland visitors.

Cory is the photographer of 10 years standing, he also prints all his own work, as well as the Gallery owner so he is able to tell the complete story of each piece. Cory prints all his own images onto ChromaLuxe aluminium panels locally at his studio in Wanaka through a process called dye sublimation. The result is a unique, modern look with no need for framing.

He took the plunge to invest in all the printing equipment rather than wait for overseas printers to fly it in, often with less than perfect results. Now with his and Jordan’s art being printed on aluminium in Wanaka, he can custom print the images to fit most client’s spaces and with a reasonable turn around time, which has been what has been selling steadily.

The gallery showcases a selection of stunning New Zealand landscape photography by both Cory and Jordan McInally. Cory’s work has taken him all over the world, photographing natural landscapes from Iceland to Cuba, Thailand to Australia. Jordan McInally, meanwhile, was born and raised in Queenstown. His photography portfolio heroes astrophotography scenes and mountain landscapes from around New Zealand.

This will be his first permanent gallery space. Prior to this has held successful exhibitions at Cardrona Distillery and Rippon Vineyard, and has had several pop-up galleries in Wanaka over the past three years.

The official opening reception will take place on Saturday the 24th of October 2020 from 5pm - 9pm at the Cory Marshall Gallery, 1-7 Earl Street, Queenstown.