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CBD by Miranda Spary

It must be an exciting time to be a proper journalist these days- there’s just SO much news every day. People in quarantine enjoying a bit of free WIFI in the supermarket, shortsighted politicians flicking highly confidential info to the media, Melbourne’s sudden return to lockdown (damn you, Victoria!!!), Trump’s taxes to be revealed... it’s hard to keep up with all the constant flow and even our local news is way more exciting than I like. Boring politics means everything is just going along fine. If you’re interested in getting our local politics a bit more boring (given the huge amount of feedback recently, I know a lot of you are very interested!) there’s a talk by author, journalist and academic, Max Rashbrooke - he’s won a number of awards including the Winston Churchill fellowship, and he’s giving a talk called “Power to the People” at the Memorial Hall on July 30 at 7 pm. Tickets are available on Eventbrite and if you are feeling discouraged by the way decisions are made currently, this might help change things.

On a cheerier note, it’s very exciting to know that Matt and Cath Hanna are moving back to the Wakatipu - we have missed you and we are all wondering what new projects you’ll be working on here - Joe’s Garage, Smokorun and Motogrill are hard acts to follow!! and huge congrats to Kaye and Michael Parker, John Darby and Steve and Virginia Fisher. They’ve all been hugely influential in making the Wakatipu such a beautiful, positive, appealing place to live and they’ve all become or  are about to become grandparents They know how desperate I am to have grandchildren and are probably afraid  I might try and steal one if I don’t get one by more orthodox methods. And big happies to Jo Booker who’s 50 this week and celebrating her  recovery from a strange and nasty (not Covid) virus that wiped her out last year. Her party theme is “Staying Alive”, of course...

Staying alive is what the Cancer Society is trying to ensure for everyone who gets cancer - pencil it in now - October 10th is their annual fundraising ball, and with the wonderful Jane Turner in charge of organising it, it’s going to be very good fun. If anyone wants to donate prizes for the auction - maybe you have a beautiful holiday house somewhere or can offer a normally unbuyable experience or you just want to give great dollops of cash, then do please let me know. If you are feeling a bit down, practising philanthropy is the best feel-good drug you can get.

I’ve also got another feel-good drug - my daphne bushes have become 3 metre high giants and I keep finding myself wandering past it to enjoy that delicious smell. Winter flowers really do have a totally different perfume from the summer ones. I’m greedily eyeing the tiny buds on my witchhazel and wintersweet, wondering when they are going to start their annual pong. Even though the humans who live here grumbled and groaned inside during the recent downpours,  all the outside residents like trees and ducks  seem to have perked up enormously.
Each to his own, I guess.