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Oh dear, this publication has been caught out with two typos - I’m quite the grammar and spelling nerd, so there’s a great wave of shock and despair when I find one. Imagine my horror this week to be accused of cheating at the flower show, thanks to one of them, and for Anna Dow’s very beautiful and brave story to be sporting them as well. Excellent spotting by June Simpson who noticed I’d “bought” flowers for the show, not “brought”. It’s good to know local readers are so observant. Do keep reporting them and I will keep my superiors (actually my little brother and his pals) on their toes.

Toes will be tapping at the weekend - there’s a fabulous tea dance happening at the Arrowtown Hall on Saturday night with the Queenstown Jazz Orchestra playing - fifty tickets have been made available for the public to come and swing (the dance sort of swing!) the night away from 6 - 11. It’s a fundraiser for the museum so it’s ladies a plate, men a crate and $50 a ticket.It’s election night, and what better way to spend the evening than this?

There’s another fundraiser for the museum and this one also has an excellent twist  - local celebrities have been asked (or locked in a room with no food or water until they agreed) to create an artwork for sale. I have been told I am a celebrity - a little mystifying as I am not glamorous,  wealthy, or good at anything. I am particularly not good at art, so if there is someone you loathe, now could be the perfect time to add “Painting by Miranda for complaining neighbour” to your Christmas list. The proper artworks and mine will be on sale at the museum in early December.

The new Dorothy Browns  balcony bar was completely crowded on Monday night with its first book launch. This one was for Pip McKay’s “The Telling Tale”. Usually book launches for first time authors, especially New Zealand ones, are quiet and slow affairs, and just the author’s family and friends come along and buy a copy. This one was a bit different - Sebastian Faulks (author of Birdsong) had given it high praise, and the two dozen copies were all signed and sold before the author even started speaking. New copies are on their way.

I’m writing this from Christchurch - listening is not my thing, so when we were invited to a surprise party, I just assumed it was in the Wakatipu. To my great surprise, but noone else’s, it involved a 500 km drive. Anyway, it’s fun to be in the big smoke and catch up with half of Queenstown who are all exploring the rest of New Zealand, driving around enjoying seeing old friends and new scenery.