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It’s been a big week in our household and my poor husband woke up to find a naked 60-year-old woman in his bed - he was pretty shocked, given that the woman he’d married had been considerably younger than that.

I’d specifically said I didn’t want a birthday party as four of our five children weren’t able to be here, and I wanted to wait till our borders were open so that everyone could come. As ever, he took ZERO notice and the quiet family dinner (my family doesn’t actually do quiet anything) I had expected, turned out to be a huge surprise bash at our house with friends from everywhere except Auckland. I am still stunned that he could have got it all organised without snoopy me finding out and I hate to say it, but he was absolutely right - it was the perfect way to celebrate.

The too-short life of the very witty, wicked Ben Calvert was celebrated on Friday afternoon at Lake Hayes - such a genius but he’d battled with booze for years. He’d have loved the party in his honour - his daughter Bea’s singing showed us (as if we didn’t already know) how talented everyone in this family is, and the speeches were very funny, blunt and honest. We’ll all miss the man he was, and not the person the alcohol created.

There’s another huge bash happening soon - look up - a chance to dust off your tiaras and dancing shoes for a masked ball - it’s going to be fabulous. If anyone wants to join our table, just book your tickets and let me know so I can put my great interfering nose into the seating plan. Last year’s Cancer Society ball was absolutely brilliant, and this one is going to be even bigger and better and don’t we all need a glittery, glamorous night? We most certainly do.

I managed to get a whole lot of glittery glamour of the outdoor variety this week. I’ve always wanted to ski the Tasman glacier and Charlie Hobbs ( rang me at short notice to say the weather and snow were perfect and there was room for five of us. If you’ve never been, you have missed one of the world’s great wonders. He took us through magnificent ice caves and led us on a couple of 10 km long runs on huge, wide fields of powder snow that made us look and feel like superstar skiers. Lovely local boy Ollie Dowling was his 2IC and they made this gaggle of yackety birds have the best day of our lives.

We’d driven to Mount Cook at 6 am and watched our spectacular bit of the world wake up - it’s a magic time of day... until we got to Tarras where it was thick fog and quite obviously an excellent place for an airport. From the top of the Lindis onward, it was clear and glorious again. Have any of the Christchurch airport experts been to Tarras?

Here’s hoping the bad weather forecast for the week comes true - I’ve got mountains of books to read and mountains of ironing to do, and a whole slew of new movies at Dorothy Browns to watch - I saw the Israeli film “God of the Piano” which is so good - I thought I was a pushy mother, but this mama takes the cake. And the music is terrific.