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Ben Evan’s “Greedy”

BEN 753

Place of Work and how did you get into your position?
Director B & B Interiors and I use the motto - Fake it till you make it!

How long have you lived in Queenstown and why did you choose to live here?
20 years with a 4 year OE break in the UK.
Moved here as needed a change from Auckland!

Recommended must-do activity in and around Queenstown?
Getting on the piss!

Where is your favorite place to eat? Dine in & Takeaway:
300gm ribeye at Flame for lunch.
Saigon Kingdom takeaway.

If you were stranded in Queenstown and could have only 1 item, what would it be and why?    
Snowboard because I love to snowboard.

What has been your best/worst date?
Worst date ever date was when I was out on a dinner date with a chick and she started crying as she wasn’t over ex – awkward!
Best date – can’t recall but any with happy endings.

Best QT memory?
I’ll have to put proposing to my wife up the Gondola or she’ll kill me.

Worst QT memory?
Having my jaw broken

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read, seen or learned in the past week?
That I can survive a campervan trip with my wife and 2 kids.

What’s the best bad decision you ever made?
Marrying my wife.

What’s on your bucket list?
Lapland for Christmas and seeing the Northern lights

What is something you like to do that other people would probably consider ‘’weird’’ if they knew?
I like to wake up 4.30/5am in the mornings just because. Best time of the day.

What is your most useless skill? And your most valuable?
Useless – no idea? Valuable – keeping calm under pressure.

What did you always want to try but never found the courage to do?

If you won a million dollars what would you spend it on in Queenstown?
Boring – paying off my mortgage. Fun - big week partying with mates!

What is that one joke that you cannot tell without laughing hard?
Any joke my 3 year old tells me. Her delivery is outstanding!

What slang or trend makes you feel old?
Anything with ‘ace’ or ‘ choice’ in it

Who is your inspiration? And why?
Don’t have a particular person but admire those who have drive and ambition

What’s your best piece of advice?
Don’t sweat the small things or take life too seriously!