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Standing still

Photographer, Vaughan Brookfield, has been a popular pick among the film and advertising clique in Queenstown. Taking stills of serene, wide, nature scapes with a product perfectly placed in the frame. Catching the natural light and exposing a persons aurora in a portrait. Trudging up mountainous ranges to capture the vast openness in an action shot.
His projects, often align with his mantra, lifestyle and nature.   
You’d think a photographer could still operate amongst this global pandemic. Keeping distant and zooming in. But the bulk of contracts are international, employing a dozen local foot soldiers and jumping through the many loops of management to get the approved winning shot.
For the moment, Vaughan Brookfield is at a stand-still as the advertising industry is put on pause.
Being in forced isolation, ultimately, forces one to reflect. Vaughan opens up in a written account and provides a black and white photo essay of the internal moments in isolation.

Lockdown – more challenging than I had imagined it would be, to be honest.
For someone who likes to spend most of their time outdoors and in the wilderness, it has been an interesting month to be stuck in my own neighbourhood, inside much of the time. Profiled in this photo essay is my 13 month old daughter, Hazel. Playing in the curtains. She is my full-time job right now with education facilities closed. It has been really special spending so much time with her, but as I am sure all parents out there know, it is no walk in the park keeping them entertained.
One of the unforeseen aspects of this pandemic is that it has given us the chance to stop, reflect, and reset. We don’t have the option to just keep working. With all of my upcoming work on hold, I have had space for my mind to wander and think creatively without a brief at hand. It has been really refreshing and gets me excited to get back to producing creative personal works again.

- Vaughan

To view more of Vaughan’s portfolio head to
If you require stock imagery over this time Vaughan assures that he has plenty in the archives.