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Akasha Aerial Yoga

Akasha Aerial Yoga opening week

Sometimes you need to look at life with a new perspective.... how about trying Aerial Yoga?

How is Aerial Yoga different from ‘normal’ yoga?

Aerial yoga inversions provide the unique opportunity to reverse the natural downward compression in the spine, allowing the soft tissues in the back to release and relax, and joint compression in the spinal column to be relieved.
In aerial yoga, you spend a lot of time upside down which challenges our senses and our kinaesthetic awareness of our body within space.
The aerial yoga hammock aids in increasing flexibility safely through both active and passive stretching. Plus, practicing aerial yoga is an excellent way to build functional strength, especially pulling strength and core strength.
From owner and instructor, Andra Whipple: “I am so excited to be teaching what I love. Here’s a little bit about me. I was born in Minnesota, USA, and moved to Queenstown after University. Growing up, I studied at Circus Juventas, a youth circus school, where I developed a passion for aerial arts, dance, and acrobatics. I have practiced yoga on and off throughout my life, but after experiencing a severe trauma I found a deeper meaning in my yoga and meditation practice. I was drawn to yoga for the healing benefits, and in the process, found it to improve my quality of life in all aspects. My passion for both aerial arts and yoga led me to my specialty in aerial yoga. I studied aerial yoga with Anti-Gravity Fitness in 2016, and later completed my YTT 200 in Sri Lanka. I find purpose in using my knowledge and experience to share yoga as a path to healing both
Akasha Aerial Yoga offers group and private aerial yoga classes for all levels. These aerial yoga classes are for complete newbies as well as for those looking to expand their practice. Aerial yoga combines traditional hatha yoga and pilates postures with the use of an aerial hammock to provide support and allow more freedom of movement. The Akasha weekly class schedule, as well as information about the classes and benefits of aerial yoga, can be found on the website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Booking is essential (there are limited spaces in each class) and can be done through the website: Take advantage of the new student special offer!
Akasha Aerial Yoga is now open and located at Studio Sangha, 2 Industrial Lane.