I applied for an Essential Skills work visa recently and Immigration have said that my job is low skilled. What does this mean?

The skill level classification of a role is determined by the level of remuneration on offer for the role (calculated on the basis of payment per hour and specified in Immigration policy) as well as in some cases, a comparison of the tasks and responsibilities of the role against those set out in the corresponding description of the role in the Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations register (ANZSCO). Taken in combination, these two factors will then determine whether the role is classified as lower-skilled, mid-skilled or highly-skilled.
This skill level classification is then used to determine the terms and conditions of the work visa issued including the overall duration of the visa, the maximum number of visas permitted for that role and the ability of the visa applicant to sponsor dependents. It is important for any visa applicant to obtain advice prior to progressing an application under this visa category in order to ensure that the visa that is ultimately issued will meet the needs of the applicant, their dependents and their employer.