I am in New Zealand for business reasons and my visitor visa condition says that my visa expires 3 months from each entry. The ultimate expiry date on the visa label is also after one year. Can I enter NZ, stay for two months, leave, then immediately return, stay again for two months, and keep doing this for 12 months?

You appear to be in possession of a business visitor visa. While on the face of it, the wording of your visa condition does appear to permit what you are intending to you, in our view, this interpretation is not correct and is also inconsistent with Immigration’s business visitor visa policy.. Business visitors cannot intend a stay in New Zealand for longer than 3 months in any one year. In your case, this means that although you can stay for two months and then return immediately, in your next trip, you can only stay in New Zealand for the remainder of the three month period, i.e. one month only. If you wish to stay longer than three months in any one year to engage in business activity, you must apply for and obtain a multiple entry work visa as this would most likely be approved for a longer period of time and would allow you the flexibility you seek.