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I’ve received a temporary work visa through a partnership, however my relationship has now ended and my partner is moving overseas. Will I be made to leave New Zealand and what happens if my partner tells Immigration that we are no longer in a relationship?

If you hold a temporary visa that was granted to you on the basis of a relationship with a New Zealand citizen/resident or a valid work visa holder, and that relationship has ended, then your ability to hold that visa has also ceased. A recommendation would be to contact Immigration New Zealand (INZ) to advise them of your change in status, although you need to be aware that upon notifying INZ you should apply for and obtain a different type of visa as soon as is possible. If you do not proactively inform INZ, and for example your partner advises INZ directly that you relationship has ended, you could ultimately receive a notice from INZ providing advice that they intend to revoke you temporary visa off you within 14 days, unless you are able to show good cause as to why the visa should not be revoked.

In most instances, individuals within New Zealand on open partnership based work visas are working, therefore a suggestion would be for you to apply for a work visa based on your current position under t he Essential Skills work visa policy, assuming of course that is the correct policy and that you can qualify for a visa. If there are any concerns about visa eligibility or you are unsure as to how to resolve the issue, contact a lawyer for advice.

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