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We publish our 800th edition today

May 10 2021 by Scott Stevens, Ferg Spary and Andy Brinsley

We publish our 800th edition today



On the 5th July back in 2005, the Lakes Weekly Bulletin hit the streets for the very first time. That edition was just 4 pages. This week we celebrate our 800th edition. Not bad going especially considering the last twelve months, in fact our 750th edition was a digital copy during 2020 lockdown and very low key indeed.


Time has flown since those early days and we have continually evolved to remain relevant to Queenstown. The Lakes Weekly started in recognition of the fact that for local business, trying to get the message out and attract customers and staff at a reasonable price was a serious problem. We did not really have a plan on how we were going to change the status quo. All

we knew was we wanted to create a place to buy and sell stuff, advertise to potential customers, and find staff. So, with the classic kiwi can do attitude,

we decided to just give it a go and dive in blind. None of us at the time had experience in media so we did things differently.

Our unique distribution into the hands of every business in the district, this editorial on the front page not buried within. Some things worked and some did not but with a bit of luck and some good judgement we have had more wins than losses and the Lakes Weekly continues to grow despite the worldwide dominance of American behemoths Facebook and Google. We have

adapted and remain focused on the hyper local. We get fantastic feedback from you, our readers, which helps drive our decision making.

The strength of the Lakes Weekly is the strength of our team. Past and present, they have been incredible, making it happen. There is a lot that goes into producing the edition every week; from the regular contact with clients, engaging our wonderful regular contributors, the graphics team who design ads, lay out the publication for proofing, making last minute changes before

it goes to print in Alexandra. The window to turn around each issue is tight and ODT Print who have done the printing job for us every week for 12 years now have not missed a beat. Thanks team!


One of the exciting things has been seeing The Lakes Weekly develop into The Queenstown Media Group and experiencing the growth of our JobFix brand and the Queenstown App which has given us both satisfaction and confidence that we are indeed, delivering for our local community. That’s you, our readers and fellow local businesspeople. We are extremely proud of

what we have achieved up to this point, and this sense of pride is highlighted more than ever when we see people walking down the street clutching their copy, flicking the pages, engrossed. Keep reading, enjoy and thanks for supporting local media.

- Scott Stevens, Ferg Spary and Andy Brinsley