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We declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency

July 15 2019 by Extinction Rebellion Queenstown Lakes team

QLDC has recently joined more than 600 other government bodies in declaring a Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEED) at the request of our Extinction Rebellion Queenstown Lakes group. Why did we do this?
It is hard to believe, but climate change has been a political and scientific talking point for more than 30 years. Our leaders have actively avoided taking action, focussing on nurturing the health of our financial economy at the expense of our planet. As the school student protesters wisely point out, ‘there is no financial economy on a dead planet’. The health of our biosphere and its inhabitants must come first.

Locally, the purpose of the CEED campaign was twofold. One, to encourage the community to turn and face our situation head on. And secondly, to draw attention to the fact that while there is very little argument regarding the facts about our situation from local leaders, there is very little meaningful action resulting from it. This will help us all ‘sort the wheat from the chaff’ at the upcoming local elections in October. Our community needs to face daunting challenges in order to play our role in contributing to solutions. We need to look critically at our penchant for rampant growth in our town, often at the expense of our own community. Our livelihood relies heavily on ever-growing tourism numbers and if we stay on this path it’s very possible the whole system could collapse. If we don’t consider a new plan before this happens, how will our community cope?

It’s now clear the solutions need to come from us, the people. We environmentalists are not off the hook either, we need to look at where it is best to concentrate our energy. It’s a sad truth that government funding ensures we are incentivised to play by the rules and not rock the boat too much. We all know that we no longer have time to operate within the status quo. How we navigate meaningful action with this potential conflict and still find the funding to do our work is an area which needs careful attention.

We don’t have all the answers and we rely on our community to get on board, join the Rebellion and engage our leaders to find our most effective solutions to increase our resilience going forward.
To join us and play a positive role in the coming changes, follow us on our Facebook page “Extinction Rebellion Queenstown Lakes” and keep an eye out for our next action, we’d love to have your support. People power is real power when we join together.

Extinction Rebellion Queenstown Lakes team

- Extinction Rebellion Queenstown Lakes team
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    Most business operators know when their business is polluting our only have to look at the restraunts letting off smoke all over town, and vehicles polluting the place....the owners know about it, but dont really care, unless it effects their gross profit....what we need is a list of offenders...."name and Shame" would be the best way to deal with these people....

    I wonder who would be the first on the list????

    Posted 15/07/2019 3:55pm (1 year ago)

  • ecomark

    As a recovering environmentalist all I can say is that only a small minority actually care enough to try to do something meaningful - whist the winners in our system of lottery run off with all the cash. My question is why bother? May as well YOLO it. It's the people from the bottom that are driving it not those with all the power and wealth, which tells you a lot about how our society functions. May as let it all collapse with the idiots at the helm so we can firmly pin it on them. XR is a gift to those at the top as it doesn't seem to want to right the past injustices that have brought us to this point. Either way this civilisation is finished, green technology will not replace the edifice left by fossil fuels in time - that boat has long since sailed. Radical decline in living standards will have to happen and good luck getting everyone happy to accept this fate.

    Posted 15/07/2019 7:35pm (1 year ago)

  • Tim C

    I agree with this declaration but as the article from Mark Wilson a week or so ago stated that an emergency is an unexpected event. We have known about this for decades. To take this seriously we need to stop promoting tourism as an industry - then because of the way economics requires growth for prosperity everyone loses out. Growth is tied to CO2 emissions. Impossible game to play and fantasy to believe people will promote degrowth tourism. Look at farce going on with Ngai Tahu beginning to look at 'eco-tourism'. Such strange language to use, Should be called 'trash the planet slightly less-tourism'.

    Queenstown has known like everyone else how bad climate change was but continued down a growth at all costs path. Imagine how much easier it would be if 5 mile didn't go ahead. The town could have dealt with decline in tourism or stable numbers, I can't see that happening now. Instead grow, grow, grow is the mantra - look at the number of hotel developments being signed off by this council that just declared an emergency. Mind you, only immigrants inhabit the place now anyway to escape the problems occurring within their own countries - driving out kiwis by accepting poor living and pay conditions. Just look at the rent prices! They are more than happy to pay off the crazy mortgages lent out by the banks under the migrant economy model.


    Posted 16/07/2019 2:34pm (1 year ago)


    Its no good just "declaring and emergency"......what they need to do is stop the main offenders around here who are polluting the place every day in full view of everyone......surely these "polluters" need a resource consent of some type......why doesnt the council stop fooling around, and actually do something to stop the polluters.....OH HANG ON.......what the hell am I talking about......The council is one of the main I get it.....

    Posted 16/07/2019 8:56pm (1 year ago)

  • Tick Tock

    I find its a bit cynical of the QLDC that they are jumping on the climate Change emergency bandwagon ,while iconic local company's like Real Journeys Earnslaw , Ferg Burger and any number of other iconic commercial business in the CBD continue polluting the environment with their excessive smoke and smells unabated with little or no consequence for their anti social actions.

    Posted 19/07/2019 10:02am (1 year ago)

  • Jimmynoshoes

    Suicidal arrogant species. In few million years the earth will still be spinning around the sun and we will have long vanished into history. I do think before we go we need to rename our species from the self proclaimed wise ape to something like the stupidest species ever far. Seems like a humble thing to do at this

    Posted 21/07/2019 9:13am (1 year ago)


    I agree long as she keeps spinning for another 20 years, it wont bother me.....Contact and all the rest of the coal burning fraternity can keep on shovelling their black death and it wont be effecting me .....thats the idea....

    Posted 21/07/2019 9:09pm (1 year ago)

  • jimmynoshoes

    Should be fine unless nuclear war kicks off. Highly recommend The Doomsday Machine from Daniel Ellsberg if you haven't read it.

    Absolute miracle we are still around.

    Posted 22/07/2019 12:21am (1 year ago)