LWB issue 860 editorial


Ticked off about tickets

July 18 2022 by Jeff Hylton

Ticked off about tickets

Yes, we all know petrol and diesel has gone up hugely and we also know more people are skiing than ever before, so the old issue of parking at the various ski areas is again being tested.

Some peeps are car sharing and smart ones are parking at the bottom of Coronet Peak and arranging a lift up to save on both of the aforementioned. However, there is only so much space and good old reliable Queenstown Lakes District Council have removed parking across from the Cargo pub and the (mostly empty) gravel carpark at Queenstown Resort College’s Shotover Lodge is a TOW AWAY or CLAMP area.

But how MEAN and nasty is the guy ticketing cars parked on the verge at the bottom of Coronet Peak access road? The piddly little useless sign is positioned in such a way as to trick people as they park there. They can’t actually see it.

It’s a great revenue-gathering area and I have brought this to council’s attention previously. However, our current council are the worst we have ever had at getting back to one’s question or returning calls (yep, you know who are). Worst of all, they ticketed cars on MATARIKI Day, a public holiday, and knowing no one can see the sign. Nice one.

I don’t see any reason why this is no parking area and I encourage anyone who has been fined to not pay it as this is dishonest ticketing, in my opinion.

Write in and make them reverse it or demand better signage. Last I heard, all these people are public servants and supposed to represent us ratepayers. Things have slipped.

Jeff Hylton
Skier at Coronet for 45 years

- Jeff Hylton