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Ten Year Plan

July 9 2018 by Mayor Jim Boult

Last Thursday was a day of great significance for our district. I felt a huge sense of pride when our Council adopted what was, by a long shot, the most ambitious and bold Ten Year Plan any Council in our district has ever before embarked upon.

We proposed, and our community approved, a level of capital expenditure three times greater than anything Council has undertaken in the past. It wasn’t a case of just putting up some big numbers though. We have responded to the enormous challenges facing our district. Blindingly fast growth means we need urgent action to ensure we protect the lifestyle of our residents, and the economic lifeblood of our towns through investment in tourism-related infrastructure.

Council received 586 submissions on the Ten Year Plan. On the whole we received almost a clean sweep of support for the big issues and the community has given us a mandate to get on with it. We certainly valued the well-considered suggestions for enhancement and made changes accordingly.

There are a lot of thank yous that need to be issued. Firstly, I want to thank the entire district for joining us on this path to deliver better outcomes for all who make this incredible part of the world home. I also wish to thank the QLDC team for the enormous job they have undertaken in delivering this Ten Year Plan. The workload has been daunting and they should all feel very pleased with and proud of the outcome. Thanks too, goes out to our Councillors. They are an outstanding team and have worked in a positive, challenging yet collaborative manner to bring the plan to fruition. I truly believe they have done the best for the community as a whole.

If I have a personal disappointment around the Ten Year Plan, it is the ongoing frustration we face with Central Government’s lack of traction in recognising the important role that our district plays as the focal point for New Zealand’s largest industry. Our district should not have to shoulder the financial burden of this on its own. In effect, our ratepayers are paying to support the New Zealand economy and sustain New Zealand’s jewel in the tourism crown. This does not sit at all comfortably with me.

Failure is not an option and I see this as another challenge we will overcome. Nothing will stymie our drive to deliver the right outcomes, it simply makes our future choices more difficult and potentially our delivery more stretched. That may not be tenable. Rest assured, I am not going to shy away from the Central Government conversation. These challenges are not going away and neither are we.

No plan is perfect and while our new Ten Year Plan is an excellent one, there will be future enhancements. We have a strong focus coming in the Upper Clutha. I also think we have a task before us in better recognising the part arts and culture and particularly our māoritanga will play in our district in the future. These will be addressed in future Annual Plans.

In my view, our Council is a bold one but not a reckless one. Our plan is fit for purpose and I now look forward to being part of a council team which delivers on our powerful vision: Vibrant Communities, Enduring Landscapes and Bold Leadership.

Mayor Jim Boult

- Mayor Jim Boult
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  • Over&Out

    Mayor. Have you ever come across the saying" bigger is not always better".I think if you and your fellow councillors did a real poll of the long term mum and dad ratepayers you will find most are sick and tried of the flash harries who have buggered this town and bought it to the sad state it is.
    We are simply sick and tried of cross subsidising in every which way those who have made a pile at our expense and either departed or countined on their money making ways often with the handy helping hand of a compliant council .A couple of cases in point is the CDB and issues of parking in the wider community. We would not be facing this problem today if council had not allowed business and accomadation providers to do away with allowing for on site parking commiserate with the number of rooms and or employees. The CDB itself is a mess, because again, succesive councils allowed the big end of town to overdevelop and under provide. In fact the horse is bolted and you will find most ratepayers would run a mile before shopping in the CDB .That no amount of money spent on rejuvenating this trashy collection of overpriced tourist traps and streetscapes will convince them otherwise.
    No more offputting is the PR spin emitting from all those who are looking to monitize themselfs from promoting the proposed big new edifice that the council proposes to build it self. Situated smack right in the middle of some the most vauble real easate in Queenstown it provides the conmunity with further increasing the congestion and over build ,that this vanity project and its 400 plus employees will bring to the CDB.
    Yet while the QLDC spoil us with 10 year master plans and billion dollar aspirational dreams ,we the holi poli patiently wait for the playground which is 6 months overdue, the gutters to be cleaned ,large vacant council spaces to be turned into carparparks.The rubbish that liters the wider CDB to be picked up. The enforcement of those who park day in day out on our verges and driveways.We wait for the stop to ceaseless attemps to montenize or turn our public places into cash cows or venues to provide for vanity projects or further enrichment oppurtunities for the big end of town,thus further excusubating the problems the area already faces.
    At the end of the day Mr Mayor all we want and have a right to expect are the basic services that we pay for via our rates and that we should reasonably expect to receive. Visions and miracles we go to church to and pray for.

    Posted 09/07/2018 8:49pm (7 months ago)