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Take Care Out There

June 24 2019 by Emily Nelson, Southern DHB

Look after yourself and your mates this season. Southern District Health Board would like to welcome all our newcomers to Queenstown for the 2019 ski season. While we can’t guarantee powder days, we can help to make sure you look after yourselves and have a fun, happy and healthy season. When you combine new experiences, living away from home with little support network, flatting, working, budgeting and partying, life can get a bit overwhelming. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you to look after yourself and your mates this season…

Look after your physical and mental health. Mental health strengthens and supports our ability to have healthy releationships, make good choices and handle life’s ups and downs. Getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising and getting some mindful rest will help to maintain your mental health and wellbeing. Try to get 7 – 9 hours sleep (preferably a couple of those hours before midnight). It is important to eat healthy food and limit the amount of alcohol and other substances you consume.
An increase in fear, anxiety, irritability and sadness are warning signs of poor mental health. But if it’s not a crisis, what can you do?

Firstly, talk to someone; a friend or your GP. You can also talk to (or text with) a trained counsellor via the free 1737 helpline. If you are concerned about a friend or colleague, just be there for them – sometimes this is all that’s required. Some workplaces have implemented wellbeing support. Southern DHB is really excited that NZ Ski has employed a Staff Wellbeing Advisor at Coronet Peak this season. Ask your employer if there’s someone who may be able to support you and direct you to the right help if needed. The Wakatipu Youth Trust is a great local resource offering support and advocacy for young adults (10 – 24 years old) using trained youth support workers. They can provide links to information, resources and referrals to other social services.

Remember to party safe! Be careful what and how much you consume – both alcohol and drugs. There are two standard drinks in a pint of beer or a large glass of wine – more than four standard drinks for a woman and six for a man can be hazardous. Look after each other when you’re out, and make sure you have a buddy to get you home if things go wrong. Don’t drive! Look after your sexual health too – ensure you gain sexual consent and wear a condom – EVERY TIME! Unwanted pregnancy and STIs are stressful and expensive and both may have long-term consequences. Check your health insurance cover before you need to use it, make copies of important documents and put money aside for emergencies. Citizens’ Advice Bureau in Ballarat St provides a lot of information and has free JP (witnessing documents) and legal services.
Queenstown is a fun and exciting place to work and play. Get out there and enjoy your season but please remember to look after yourself and your mates.

Emily Nelson, Southern DHB
See Southern DHB’s list of handy contact numbers on our Community Notes page

- Emily Nelson, Southern DHB
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    Also, if learning to snowboard, always wear a wrist guard.....last season I met a snowboard learner who had broken his wrist....I asked him if he had been wearing a wrist guard....he told me that he inquired about it, but his instructor said that they were not necessary.....top advice....

    Posted 25/06/2019 9:08am (1 year ago)

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  • Your Name Here

    Well... of all people I ever seen coming to this place for the season none were really worried about their health after all the whole idea seems to be the opposite as soon as they leave their parent’s eyesight...

    Plus on the mental health side I’d say to NOT get your name in the system if you plan to stay long term.
    Immigration will ask for a psychiatric evaluation - very costly and mandatory - and that might lead to either your visa getting denied or your taxes ramped up.

    So yeah there’s that too...

    Posted 30/06/2019 1:31pm (1 year ago)