Spatial Plan

November 18 2019 by Jim Boult - Mayor

Spatial Plan. Over the past few weeks, our staff have been travelling around the district to introduce the most ambitious, wide-ranging planning exercise we’ve ever undertaken.

The Queenstown Lakes Spatial Plan will determine where and how we live over a long-term period – in this case, 30 years into the future. Throughout the process we’ll look at the role of our settlements and communities today, and what we collectively want them to be for generations to come.

For this we’re working together in partnership with central government and Kāi Tahu. Since the Spatial Plan will affect people who work and live here most of all, community consultation is at the heart of it. To best understand the views of people across the district we’ve arranged a series of workshops, which people have been encouraged to join in and share their thoughts. So far we have co-hosted four of the seven community workshops across the district, with the next one set to be held in Glenorchy on Thursday 21 November.

The workshops have provided many open, meaningful and valuable discussions with the community. Encouragingly, what’s been highlighted is that we’ve been highly aligned in our thinking. With such a diverse group of people in our area there is a wide range of views on how growth should be shaped, all of which are important for us to hear and take into account. Please remember that all feedback, whatever it may be, will feed into shaping the draft plan.

The Spatial Plan will provide a holistic picture of the Lakes District and Cromwell: considering how we protect what makes this area special, how our townships and settlements work together, and what actions and investments will be needed to deliver the outcomes we’re looking for. A well-designed Spatial Plan will ensure that future growth does not compromise our unique landscapes, our sites of significance to iwi, or environment, all of which are important to our communities and visitors alike.

If you can’t make it to any of the sessions - it’s not a problem. We’re also asking for feedback through an online survey which tests various growth scenarios in both the Wakatipu and the Upper Clutha: this is open on QLDC’s Let’s Talk page (lets.talk.qldc.govt.nz) until 1 December. Let’s Talk will host summaries of the workshops once the engagement period has finished.

Once the community pre-engagement closes we’ll be looking to write up a draft Spatial Plan, which will be followed by a formal public consultation process in March or April 2020.

We all want to see a beautiful, vibrant community well into the future. This is your chance to let us know how you think we should do it. I strongly encourage you to get involved and make your voice heard.

Jim Boult - Mayor

- Jim Boult - Mayor
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    Yes, go ahead and make your submission, the QLDC will look at them all, and then do exactly what it wants. WOFTAM. Prime example, cutting the 20 minute "free parking time" at the airport down to a lousy 10 minutes.....thats public consultation QLDC style for ya......

    Posted 19/11/2019 6:30am (10 months ago)

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