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Resist the darkness

May 9 2022 by Scott Stevens

Resist the darkness
Hello Queenstown, it’s time to shine.
When LUMA got pulled at the start of the year, the crew had to ask some serious questions about the future and how we could carry on with so much uncertainty swirling around us like a giant germ-filled whirlwind.
It was some dark times for sure but we decided it was also an opportunity. A chance to test out some ideas we’ve been working on over the last seven years. To have a think about how bright LUMA might glow if budget, support and vision were on our side. What type of events landscape does Queenstown aspire to? How much are we all prepared to give in order to bring our town out of the shadows? Are we able to match our passion for storm water systems, traffic cones and block paving with our support for arts, culture and entertainment? Surely!
It’s time to test our reputation for welcoming all comers and delivering the magic. To find out if we’ve still got what it takes to be at the top of our game and deliver on all those promises we made over the last two years that started with the words ’When things get back to normal…”
It’s time to think what we want to be part of. To ask how we can work together to own our future and not leave it to chance. Time to come back to life and stake a claim on our culture.
It’s time for LUMIFY.
Not LUMA, true. But another pilot project to help us light up the way to something we can all support and share. LUMIFY can only ever be a small fraction of what LUMA sets out to be, but that’s how we grow right? Small pieces coming together and making something stronger, more beautiful and collaborative.
We’re calling on Queenstown to resist the darkness. Light up your neighbourhood, pimp your pushbike or strap a glowstick to your wotsit but get out there on Queen’s Birthday Weekend and have a little look at what’s going on at our place.
Over the next few weeks the LUMIFY crew will be working hard to pull together a collection of installations, pop up spaces and illuminated performances in the laneways of downtown Queenstown. We’ve always had great support from our vibrant business community and without your continued help it’s going to be hard for LUMA to thrive in future. To make Queenstown work for us all we’ve got to work together.
If you’re a business operating around Church Street, Searle Lane, Cow Lane and Earnslaw Park, we’re hoping you and your crew will get involved. Light up your space and get ready to welcome some new guests. We might also need your help with some access, etc. (no digging, fences or traffic cones, we promise). If you’re keen to help, take part, volunteer or just find out more about what’s going on, email / go to the LUMIFY FB page / or
PS, just kidding about the glowsticks, we don’t endorse single use plastics.
Tim Buckley

- Scott Stevens