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June 10 2019 by Rosie Bristed

I have struggled with the idea of opening my own shop in the Queenstown Lakes area for a while now. I moved to Arrowtown from Wellington two years ago, yet in that time retail rents have continued to hike. My business, Rosie Flowers, provides flowers for weddings and events and more recently, daily orders. Battling to find a suitable and affordable space, not an uncommon problem for young business owners like me, I trialed selling flowers through cafes. Between November and Christmas, peonies flew out the door faster than I could get them in there. Encouraged, I began putting bouquets and other cut flowers in to Provisions of Arrowtown. But the pleasant warm interior of most cafés unfortunately contributes to a shorter life span in flowers.

Desperate to find my own space and sick of combining home and work and online business, I nearly made a couple of rash decisions with terrifying hundred-thousand-dollar commercial leases. Thankfully, I managed to keep this urge under control. And now, I think I’ve found a practical solution. Rosie Flowers has ‘popped up’ in a number of complementary businesses, supplying attractive indoor plants and pots for sale. While flowers will sell at the right time of the year (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas, etc), indoor plants have become a huge part of interior styling, everywhere. I grow a lot of my own flowers and have always enjoyed ‘leafy stuff’, happily propagating what I can here in the harsher climate. With the surge of popularity in indoor plants, I felt this was an obvious addition to my floral business, with the added bonus that plants are significantly less perishable and equally as pleasant to have around.

The best part about this scenario of taking up residence in other shops, is that it’s not just good for me, it’s good for them too. It adds to the appeal of the space and any other goods that are on display. It’s also about maintaining a sense of realism in this age of ‘online’ everything. I think people still like to see the real thing and experience shopping in ‘real time’. Adding my beautiful plants to other people’s shops just seemed like a good idea. While every plant has been chosen especially to suit the climate here, they still have their own individual requirements for light and water. Each pop-up-shop displays plants that are suited to the natural light and temperature of that site. I view my pop-ups as carefully curated living exhibitions and because of the range of sites, serve a greater number of people at no cost of my own. Win-win!

Current Rosie Flowers pop-ups: Nemo Bridal and Couture, Provisions of Arrowtown, Seletti Concept Stores

Rosie Bristed, rosieflowers.co.nz

- Rosie Bristed
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    Congratulations. You have been in Queenstown for only 2 years, and have already realized that this place is the capital city of capitalism....you have managed to make an "editorial" in this rag, into an advertisement for your product.....well done. You understand that Queenstown is all about "Money, Money, Money".....you will do well here....

    Posted 10/06/2019 7:52pm (1 year ago)

  • Capitalist

    Mr Greeny, QT is certainly the Queen of Capitalism. But it's refreshing to see someone get creative and make it work for themselves, instead of being driven out by the big players or giving up their hopes and dreams to become another minimum-wage toe-the-liner.

    Good on ya, Rosie.

    Posted 10/06/2019 8:10pm (1 year ago)


    Next thing you will notice, is that someone else will "copy" exactly what you are doing, but undercut you by 15 percent....that's what happens here...capitalism at its best.....

    Posted 10/06/2019 9:35pm (1 year ago)

  • Plain Jane

    "someone else will "copy" exactly what you are doing, but undercut you by 15 percent....that's what happens here"

    That happens EVERYWHERE... deal with it!!

    Healthy competition is great, it helps consumers get a better deal and forces business to adapt and improve.

    Posted 12/06/2019 3:12pm (1 year ago)