What does music mean for a child’s education?

December 9 2019 by Kinga Krupa

What does music mean for a child’s education?

We all know music is important for kids’ education, but what does it really mean? I was having a coffee the other day in a coffee shop when a lady approached me: “Are you the local piano teacher?” Surprised, but then again – it’s still a small town, I said yes and asked her to join me. She told me about her childhood and how music lessons had such a huge impact on her. She had a wonderful fantastic teacher, her parents were very supportive and she loved it! Unfortunately, in her teen years, she gave up music and it is one of her big regrets. She told me she now has a four-year-old daughter, whom she is encouraging to start piano lessons.

So many times I’ve heard stories like this; “I wish my parents kept me accountable / I wish I never gave up that instrument I enjoyed playing/ I wish I could come back to playing it now”. As we become adults, we often look back with fond memories of those times as children when we were creative and expressed ourselves through a hobby like music or sport.

Hopefully, this lady comes back to piano one day. I would love to help her enjoy her music again and join our group of adult budding pianists of all different levels.

As a piano teacher, every day I see the endless benefits music brings on so many different levels. Learning an instrument teaches us to be committed, dedicated, patient, persistent. It’s a wonderful workout for our brain and is proven to boost memory function. From a physical point of view – it helps improve our fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Seeing children setting, working towards and achieving their goals gives me huge satisfaction! I give young students I work with the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience. I know from my own experiences that regular performance opportunities increase confidence and comfort levels on stage no end. It makes the hours of practice worthwhile for them and nerves are often replaced with feeling of satisfaction, pride and joy.

Some of our young students now have so much confidence that they have MC’d our last couple concerts. It is something special to see children grow out of their comfort zone, their confidence skyrocketing and the delight in their faces! I have learned over the past few years that there is so much potential in children which can be seen when they are given a supportive environment to shine.

Everyone needs to experience the happiness and joy that music brings to all the generations, it is something absolutely special and I am really glad that our Wakatipu community appreciates all the work and effort put into artistic education.

We all want to share music especially this time of the year – let’s get together and experience joy of music this Christmas at the Christmas Piano Concert this Saturday starting at 3pm, Queenstown Contemporary Art Gallery, Five Mile – it would be a great chance to enjoy the community spirit together.

Kinga Krupa

- Kinga Krupa
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