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Merry Christmas

December 21 2020 by Scott Stevens

Here we go….. after a very quiet few weeks when town has just been for the locals, we are about to feel the influx of holiday crowds again as we become one of the most sought-after summer holiday destinations in the country and our population temporarily explodes. We are expecting potentially more than 100,000 people in Queenstown and up to 80,000 in Wanaka across the next few weeks. That’s a huge number of people who need to be accommodated, fed, watered and cleaned up after.


While most of us are hanging out from some down time after what has been a tumultuous year, and for most of us that’s an understatement, let's not forget all those who are going to be ensuring we get to have a relaxing and great time with our family and friends over the holidays.


Hospitality workers are the most visible group but there is a huge number of people who will keep the town running smoothly including those who work in council, our essential workers and, of course, our volunteers who've already done so much this year.


Our medical professionals, our charities and our emergency services have been at the front line since March and at this time of the year will go into overdrive. Thank you for your service. You have been through so much already and you are a dedicated bunch of people. While we tuck into our Christmas ham, mince pies and pudding, we will give thanks and remember you, our volunteers, emergency services, council and essential workers who have and are doing such an outstanding job of looking after us all. Thank you from all of us at The Lakes Weekly—you are legends!!


Locally it's going to become crazy busy in the area. That puts enormous pressure on our roads, which will become manic and parking will be impossible again, supermarkets will be going flat out, cafes and restaurants overrun, and of course there are all the events. It's likely to test our patience at times, especially as we have enjoyed getting our town back. But, let’s take a breath and remember how incredibly lucky we are, compared to just about everywhere else in the world. We get to enjoy the holiday with family and go to events in a socially Covid-free country. We are so fortunate. Christmas is a time to share goodwill with everyone and we get to do this in a remarkable place on earth. It doesn’t get better than that!!


From everyone at the Lakes Weekly, the Queenstown App and JobFix, thank you for your support we truly wish you and your family a very very Merry Christmas.


The Directors and Staff of The Lakes Weekly.

- Scott Stevens
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