Lime scooters will be an unregulated menace.

October 21 2019 by Grant Scannell

Lime scooters will be an unregulated menace.

Lime Scooters are about to be introduced into our region – without prior consultation with our local people.

While standing for council this year, many people asked me and other candidates if Lime Scooters would be introduced. I made my views quite clear that I was very concerned that the safety issues would far outweigh the environmental positives. Millions of dollars have been spent on ACC claims already throughout New Zealand and allowing Lime Scooters in Queenstown would see further incidents, when we already have a traffic congestion problem. Peter Hansby, the QLDC property and infrastructure manager said the council (back in June) was working very closely with Lime to sort out restrictions on where they could be used and parked, as well as speed and time limits.

As we all know, Queenstown has a lot of young travellers that like to indulge in the nightlife here and there has been more alcohol-fuelled incidents in our area in the last few years than ever before. I don’t believe any amount of restrictions will stop major issues arising with the introduction of Lime Scooters. We live in an alpine village with a lot of hills and weather issues that are not concerns in other areas where Lime has been introduced.

I am in the transport industry, so I see and hear first-hand the issues QLDC has in front of them dealing with the congestion we have on our roads and I know that allowing another potential hazard into the mix is a disaster waiting to happen.

Two questions for all reading this: how many times has a person walked out from between cars in front of you when you are driving and how many times has one of the food delivery motor scooters ridden beside you in the same direction when you are sitting in traffic?

I believe everyone would agree that this happens on a regular basis. Now add Lime into the mix, coming down Fernhill, Ballarat Street, going from footpath to road to footpath… No amount of restrictions will stop the actions of riders that are intoxicated from causing mayhem for our motorists and pedestrians. As I said at a Meet the Candidates event: I don’t want to see Queenstown turn into an urban slum. Now, we won’t only have wheelie bins lining our streets, but discarded Lime scooters as well.

Grant Scannell
Concerned Local, A Voice That Wasn’t Heard?

- Grant Scannell
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  • Ho Hum

    Suggest you get the mayors and councilors ,QLDC CEO and rest of the management team to go to the mall hand over a couple of E scooters to a couple of likely looking types and tell them to go for it. The last one left of the Councillors and QLDC team stand standing can report back that having scooters in the CBD is not such a good idea.
    PS; Who was the twit within the QLDC who forgot to process the Freedom Camping by law ,leaving us potentially exposed to a feral Freedom Camping plague this summer.
    Its not the same person who recommends that we should have E Scooters in the CBD or was it?

    Posted 21/10/2019 4:35pm (4 months ago)


    It was announced today that total ACC payments for Lime scooters accidents. in Auckland so far this year has now exceeded $1 million.....When they arrive here in Queenstown, I would guess that we could double that ....what with steep hills, and drunken idiots like we have here, it is a receipe for disaster....after about 5 deaths here, the authorities will realise that they have made a big mistake by allowing those death traps here.....besides that, I suspect that large numbers of these scooters will end up tossed into the
    Lake .....I can only imagine the problems caused by drunken idiots driving these scooters from Qtown to Frankton via the main road at 3am.....surely the Police must have something to say about the potential problems....

    Posted 22/10/2019 10:15pm (4 months ago)