Know it is us who are mad

July 13 2020 by Scott Stevens

Know it is us who are mad

Driving around the Queenstown area is, and has been for a few years now, a complete disaster.

I know its old news but it’s a cluster f—k and getting worse. We don’t need tourists from overseas to clog our streets, we do it all by ourselves.

I counted, whilst dawdling in traffic, (heading towards Shotover Country roundabout) 80 cars heading into Frankton before I saw one with two people in it, then 120 more before I saw three. All the rest were single drivers. I was also one.
These all originate from Lake Hayes Estate, Shotover Country, Gibbston/Cromwell and some other Wakatipu Basin traffic. Digressing momentarily, those subdivisions should never have been allowed to go ahead before roads and bridges were prepared. The consultants were morons. The people deciding to give the go ahead were also morons and we should ask for our money back.

Now we have winter and the usual traffic issues and town congestion is ridiculous. I have been, along with countless others, shouting out about this but no one is listening. Build more, more hotels, more flats, more apartments, more shops, more people and on it goes.

This week past I had work to do in town and took an hour and ten minutes plus fuel, to NOT find a park. The road up to Coronet Peak is a nightmare and mostly driven by one person (I am one). Now council is ticketing people parking at the bottom to ride share. Nice one!

Recently in Hamilton I noticed the metered parks advising 2 free hours to encourage shoppers to spend. Here we pounce on the tardy. Real estate agents and shop workers or owners are part of the problem. Wonder why you can never get a park near the Lonestar restaurant? Checkout the real estate businesses nearby.

Sure, we have buses and park and ride but it’s not enough. We are a mess. We are drowning in cars. We obviously are not hard up for cash if we can all zoom all over the place. Our family have been car sharing and leaving 2 or 3 cars at home which has its problems, but we are trying. The kids are saving money anyway.

So next time you see a long slow line of traffic barely moving from Mitre 10 at the “other” Queenstown to Stanley Street, and then watch them do the circuit around Shotover Street, Rees Street, Camp St, then leave after an hour of frustration, know it is us the locals who are mad and only us the locals who can solve the problem.

Jeff Hylton

- Scott Stevens
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