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Abuse in Queenstown

August 12 2019 by Jane Guy

New Zealand has the highest rates of Family Harm in the western world. New Zealand has the highest rates of child abuse. New Zealand has 38 arrests for strangulation before the courts each week. We are failing our Tamariki. Family violence costs the government millions of dollars in lost revenue, services to support and heal, lengthy court delays, traumatised children and adults trying to keep themselves safe. We don’t talk about it, we don’t ask our friends why they communicate with their partners in a certain way, or get involved when our neighbours smash and shout in their homes late at night.

We can all be responsible for what is happening in our communities and here at Jigsaw Central Lakes we have been working for years educating and training different sectors around what it is we can all do to help, support and ultimately stop this. Views that we hold about each other need to change, values need to be addressed, conversations need to be had.

Jigsaw has just entered into its 25th year of working in family and sexual harm and we will continue to work with families, young people, children, men, women. All who share common bonds; they are living with or have experienced some form of abuse or violence or they are or have perpetrated violence. All working it out, all navigating their life’s experiences. It is not ‘them’ or ‘those people’ it every day people who are your friends, your family, your children, your work colleagues.

Our rates of sexual violence in Queenstown have alarmingly shot up over the past couple of years. More and more people come forward to bravely tell their story. This is not about what someone is wearing, or how much they’ve had to drink, this is about the way we are taught to view another human being. What consent means. Why we need to have those hard conversations with our friends about how they talk about women as chattels, how men need to “suck it up” or children don’t hear that stuff because they were asleep.

Jigsaw will continue to support anyone who needs to talk about what is or has happened for them in a confidential, safe and supportive environment. We also provide programmes for those who are struggling with their own violence or feel that they want to address how their previous relationships have impacted on the life they have today. To support people around legal processes or just start to walk alongside someone coming to terms with something they were not aware was part of their life. The cycle can be broken.
Contact us if you’re worried about yourself or your family 0508 440 255

Jigsaw editorial by Jane Guy

- Jane Guy
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    It starts with how we bring up children...NZ is a VERY violent society, and children are actively encouraged to be staunch and violent. Take for example Kapa Haka and the haka itself.....extremely violent, and children aged under 5 years old are performing it, and are encouraged to do all the violent actions with great gusto.....

    Posted 15/08/2019 1:14pm (7 days ago)