How bright is our future

May 31 2021 by Tim Buckley

How bright is our future

Queens Birthday Weekend rolls around once again after a year of staggering upheaval and change. We’ve seen the best and worst of what happens to communities when times get tough. It’s been challenging for us all and the creative community has been hit just as hard as any. Yet it’s amazing to see how resilient and brave our people can be.

 As we prepare to welcome thousands of locals and visitors to the Queenstown lakes this year it’s humbling to see the creative community bounce back so strongly.

 Every day in my job I see mind-boggling examples of how we embrace a changing future. The ways we work together and welcome uncertainty. Where we don’t fear failure because we know we’re already winning just by being here. A place in time where we’re not afraid of the outlook because we’ve learned how to think differently and explore opportunities beyond the tourism golden egg. The one

thing that remains true is the power of creativity and the power of sharing a vision

built on trust, collaboration, family and community. 

This weekend LUMA returns to the Queenstown Gardens to showcase what happens when we all pull in the same direction and we do it without really knowing what’s around the corner. That’s where the joy is. The Queenstown Lakes District has always been somewhere you can carve out your own place and much

of the support infrastructure for a healthy, creative community is alive and kicking.

You only need to look at the partners page on the LUMA website to see a diverse and thriving business community ready to embrace the future.

Working with the LUMA crew pretty much every Thursday evening for the last seven years has been a profound lesson in creative trust and the value of culture. Surround yourself with people who want to share their ideas and are willing to look out for each other and you get a sense of what community really means.


This year we continue to embrace change, watching the Fluid team get behind LUMA, working with Council, RTOs, funders and the business community has truly been inspiring. There exists a huge opportunity to celebrate and export our capabilities. 25 years in town has put me in the company of some amazing thinkers; designers, writers, videographers, artists, musicians… they’re all here

and if they’re not, they want to be. Our place is a magnet for talent and we need to fling open the doors before all the seats are taken by the suits.  

Whether it’s Fluid. LUMA or Queenstown, the future looks bright. It’s all about clusters of great people, thinking differently and celebrating the power of creativity.


Tim Buckley, Fluid Director and LUMA Trustee

- Tim Buckley