Guilty as charged.

February 22 2021 by Scott Stevens

Guilty as charged.

I must admit to the crime of being a bit negative of late. I know why I have this this less-than-ideal mindset. I have a family to support, a couple of dozen employees across multiple Wakatipu based businesses. One of which was brand new in the year of Covid 2020. All these businesses are struggling. No surprises there. But nothing changes the fact, a negative attitude is not going to turn a global pandemic around. So, let me flip it around and look on the bright side of life.

A normal working week for me is 7 days, 8am to whenever it ends. Being self-employed is like the endless split shift. From one thing to the next, break, the next thing, to the next, break, home, dinner with wife and kids, bath, bed (for the kids) then to the home office to tidy that day away. Repeat the hamster wheel tomorrow. The bright side is, I now work 6 days a week. Sometimes only 5. Sometimes only 8 hours a day. No point banging my head against a wall when the usual complications of a busy business have gone along with half our trade.

So on Saturday I went and played golf for the 3rd time since Covid hit, with a couple of mates on a stunning Central Otago day. I even won the beers (they must be really bad at golf) and then had a sleepy afternoon in the hammock reminiscing about that birdy on the 14th. One of my playing partners is an English born Kiwi. His Mum back in the UK just got the vaccine injection. But his grandma died. She was 95. A good innings and it took this virus to tip her over. That’s the tragic reality outside of these islands.

I could complain that our Government seem to think a roll out of 12,000 vaccines to essential workers is a big achievement. Our leader thinks small. That is ok, baby steps. Good on her. It is only hospitality and tourism going bust. That is ok, no rush. The rest of NZ is doing just fine. And the government is of course charged with looking after the majority first. Fair play. It is my problem I am in hospitality, not hers. But we will survive. Stay positive. Do our bit for the team of 5 million. Be kind and take the financial hit. Keep playing golf, work less, enjoy life and buy a NZSki seasons pass.

Life is good here. Playing golf on late summer days and thinking about skiing on the best little ski field in the southern hemisphere, just 15 minutes from my house. Coronet Peak. Bring on winter.

- Scott Stevens