Golf, getting ahead of the curve

April 28 2020 by Simon Boland, Wakatipu Junior Golf Club Coordinato

Golf, getting ahead of the curve

The Wakatipu Basin possesses some of the best golf courses and facilities in the country. Tens of thousands of golfers - locals and visitors - share these spectacular courses every year, and contribute a considerable amount to the local economy in the process.

Tuesday 24th March 2020, the last time we roamed the beautifully manicured fairways and greens, the last day we shared stories and enjoyed the company of friends and family whilst contemplating what would happen next. Little did we suspect that the sanctuary’s we often use to escape the day to day hustle and bustle, the places we utilise for relaxation, health and well-being, would be shut down with futures now uncertain.

Golfers are addicts, when the closed signs went up and the grass was allowed to grow, the creative imaginary in which many golfers possess was deferred to risqué trick shots, online coaching sessions and homemade driving ranges constructed with good old-fashioned number eight wire, and kiwi ingenuity.

Fast forward to Tuesday 28th April, golf is officially ahead of the curve - the sport and recreation curve. For many the ankle bracelet has been loosened, a glimpse of freedom after five weeks of lockdown forced upon us by Covid-19.

The game will look a little different, adjustments will need to be made, restrictions will be implemented to protect us all and to ensure we have an opportunity to start again. A game that for centuries has been controlled by more rules than most will now have an extra list of temporary considerations, added for the sole intent purpose of protecting our entire nation.

Level 3 Golf, Bubble Golf perhaps, a game with no flags on the greens, no scores being recorded, no friends or regular golfing partners allowed, no club house facilities open or friendly greetings that we are accustomed to in this region. Tee bookings will be essential to allow contact tracing if required, a game that normally encourages social gatherings will instead enforce social distancing. A temporary set of guidelines that will still be prohibitive for some, but will allow golf addictions by the hundreds to enter a rehabilitation phase.

So, for now let us take this opportunity to help kickstart our local economy, to support the game that has been chosen ahead of most others, to lead the sport and recreation sector back to its feet. Golf can be enjoyed by everyone, families and communities of all ages and abilities, the benefits of playing are endless - just get out there and see for yourself.

Tee it up, take a deep breath, before you swing pause… enjoy this moment you are about to experience, the freedom to once again walk along those “fairways of dreams”.

Simon Boland
Wakatipu Junior Golf Club Coordinator

- Simon Boland, Wakatipu Junior Golf Club Coordinato
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    Does the Golf Club have discounts for Unemployed people? If so, they will get real busy over the next 2 years....

    Posted 28/04/2020 3:00pm (3 months ago)

  • Martin Lee

    I played with my wife at kelvin earlier this week and it was great.
    No issues at all apart from guessing where the hole was.
    Excellent instructions from the club and congratulations to everyone who was playing on Wednesday who were all abiding by the rules.
    Can’t wait for next Wednesday

    Posted 01/05/2020 7:46am (3 months ago)