Going Local

August 24 2020 by Scott Stevens

Going Local

Like most New Zealanders, my mindset has changed, and I have become much more aware of where I am spending my money. Out of every negative, like a closed border to the world, comes a positive, like holidaying locally and buying local.

I would much prefer the money I spend goes to a locally owned and managed business or franchise, rather than offshore. It feels good to go local and it is the only way we can support our own economy. By narrowing the scope of the money-go-round to a back to basics barter chain whereby I spend my money with you, and you spend your money with me. Sounds simple enough, so long as you do not dig too deep into the definition of local. There are plenty of examples in the Wakatipu of highly valued employers, charitable contributors and over all worthy “local” citizens, who are multinational in ownership. Run locally by locals, in my mind is local.

The South can survive without international tourism including the Aussie bubble if we keep it local in our spending habits. Obviously, the lack of Aucklanders hurt the economy, but our population is nearing a critical mass where it can support itself. We just need to do much more than pay lip service to the go local, shop local, support local mantra. It is hard to give up the online shopping habit but the shop keeper in Guangzhou is not going to return their profits to our local community. The shop keeper down the road will.

We can go a long way to being self-sufficient in the South Island which will prove to be rather handy in more than just Covid circumstances. The cut in direct flights between the South and Auckland has meant a huge disruption to freight services. Particularly fresh fruit and veg supply. Going into our first lockdown it was all about toilet paper and lack of flour and yeast for bread. Now it is about micro greens and cabbages. We could be living off frozen peas and local Pinot before too long. Not too bad when you add in Cardrona lamb and homemade mint sauce.

Going local is a much more sustainable and feel good way to live. This is the positive out of the Covid negative. Seeing the yellow K-Jets chug out of Queenstown Bay with local families from all over the South. Hearing the tales of adventures our friends tell of recent holidays to Stewart Island and Riverton, Haast and Franz Josef. Seeing Arrowtown’s main street packed and all the bars and restaurants full. These are wonderful examples of locals reclaiming our local iconic tourism attractions. Why not? Get into it, go local and enjoy life. We cannot let Covid inconvenience get in the way of a good time.

Scott Stevens

- Scott Stevens
  • Your Name Here

    Would kiwis pass current immigration’s criteria?

    After the most recent immigration woes - always a hassle, always non-refundable - I was wondering if kiwis themselves would pass those criteria imposed unto migrants…

    First there are the blood tests. Admittedly I can’t say much about it but what I can say is that often enough my co-workers would mention some STD like chlamydia or herpes as if it were a badge of honour or something. And if they are spreading STDs one can wonder what other diseases they are spreading but not telling or even not knowing.

    Then there’s the chest X-rays and that I do know for a fact: most kiwis in their 20’s smoke like there’s no tomorrow and that is NOT common in civilised countries. So much so that tobacco companies are known to be investing heavily in third/fourth world countries as their sales drop all over the world.
    And yet migrants are the ones who have to prove their lungs are healthy.

    Got caught drinking and driving coming back home after a party at a friend’s? Shame on you!
    But also know that from now on you will have to provide a ‘evidence of character’ EVERY SINGLE TIME you try to renew your visa.
    Kiwis drinking and driving? Mayhem!!

    Also you know when they say you should call mental health support if you feel depressed during this trying times? If you’re a migrant don’t!
    Call your family and friends back at your country of origin or even try online therapy with a specialist from your country because if you do require mental health counselling here you will be required to provide a psychiatric report EVERY SINGLE TIME you try to renew your visa!
    Now check again that link above and you will see that 1) the kiwi accused for that mayhem is a psychology major and 2) she is considered to be ‘promising’!

    Not to mention a migrant is required to comply with NZQA qualifications but not really allowed to do the courses to fulfil those qualifications (I mean yes you are but there are several hurdles a kiwi wouldn’t have) the costs of all those tests and the immigration fees which as I said previously are non-refundable even if all you got from them was copy/paste links (that happened to me actually).

    It is a wonderful country I did met some great local people (eventually anyway…) and it is one of the best places on Earth but it doesn’t mean it does not have its issues and saying ‘not happy go back to your country’ will not fix those issues.
    And one of such issues is that of immigration requirements and costs which I would bet the vast majority of kiwis would not be able to pass so why should migrants have to comply with such high standards you yourselves can’t meet…?

    Posted 31/08/2020 8:39pm (1 year ago)

  • Eat your own Jones cake

    If only we could all eat cake. Try not spending any money on superficial materials and the like. Just spending on survival items e.g. bills and more bills.....results in what most of the Queenstown population end up with.....Nothing and certainly not enough to go to the restaurants and pubs and jet boating (even with 'locals' discounts the price is still too much) and up the ski slopes. Some people don't have incomes any more Sir. Please don't tempt them to Fake it baby!

    Posted 17/09/2020 6:32pm (1 year ago)