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Future Frankton

September 24 2018 by Glyn Lewers

Future Frankton. Frankton has experienced many changes of late, and it seems inevitable that more change is expected. The type and pace of change can be overwhelming to some. This change, coupled with little or no opportunities for input from Frankton residents has caused stress within our community. However, the recently announced Frankton Masterplan allows us as a community to change this.

QLDC is currently canvassing the wider community on what makes Frankton a great place to live, work and play. Here is our chance to have our say in Frankton’s direction for the next 30 years and beyond. I encourage anyone who has an interest in Frankton to get involved and pass on your ideas and views that would enable Frankton to be better. QLDC, Shaping our Future and the Frankton Community Association have teamed up and are hosting a Community Forum at Remarkables Primary School Hall at 7pm, 25th September. Get down there and have your say.

So what makes Frankton great? For me, it is home; surrounded by a majestic environment, full sun, a family friendly lake shore, open spaces to be treasured, a river and trails for exploring, with schools shops, and cafes, all with the potential to be accessed without the need of a car. However in areas of Frankton, you do need to be nimble of foot and fearless on a bike, to access these places as the crisscross of roads and tarmac that has severed Frankton makes it all too difficult for most, the fall back solution being the car, compounding the problem more. In the short term, I would like to see these links improved and established so the community is not confronted with the barrier of traffic.

Long term is where we can start to dream big. My thoughts turn to the lake front and rivers edge. A place where people can meet, interact, explore and discover. Inviting trails that lead up from the lake shore or river to the commercial areas, to shop, or grab a bite to eat, or drink if so inclined. Ferry travel to wherever you want to go; or perhaps a monorail? Or a gondola system, establishing further links from Frankton to the east, west, north and south? The opportunities are endless.

Finally, as we go about our lives, please do take the time to reflect on how fortunate we are to live in this special part of the world. If you feel you would like to make a contribution to your own local community, do so, do not hesitate. The people you meet, the knowledge you gain and the opportunities presented are invaluable.

Glyn Lewers
Chairman Frankton Community Association

- Glyn Lewers
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    Glyn..... best you go to google, and read the ORC's vision on the Alpine Fault, and what is is about to do to Queenstown and Frankton area.....they predict huge changes in the next twenty years.....enjoy it while you can is their theory.....according to them, there will be nothing standing in Frankton , and it appears that there will be a few more "hazzards" on the Jacks Point golf course.....but what do they know......apearantly, what happened in CHCH is a "non event" compared to what this area is going to get......we are heading back to the Stone Age...according to maybe you should hold off on the "big plans" until after the main event.....

    Posted 24/09/2018 10:33pm (10 months ago)