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Continuing the Lakes Weekly candidate editorial series, this week we hear from Joseph Mooney - National Party

October 5 2020 by Joseph Mooney

Continuing the Lakes Weekly candidate editorial series, this week we hear from Joseph Mooney - National Party

We’re facing a once in a lifetime challenge here in Queenstown, as we continue our battle with Covid-19.
Our economy has been hit hard and we need a strong National team to lead our country and our community as we rebuild.
I was a child when a Labour government was elected in 1984 and proceeded to enact radical reforms that it had not signalled to its voters.
Those abrupt reforms hurt a lot of people, my family being one.
I vividly remember not having food on the table many times during that period.
As National’s candidate for Southland, if I am elected, I want to do all I can to ensure no children in Southland have to go through this.

I left school without qualifications and I’ve worked in various jobs over the years from being a rafting guide to on building sites.
I decided to have a go at university as an adult with a young family and ended up with an honours degree in law.
I’ve worked as a trial lawyer now for almost 10 years, the last five and a half years with my own law practice which I’ve built from scratch in Central Otago and Southland.
I have had to work hard throughout my life to succeed, and believe from experience that equal opportunity, personal responsibility and reward for effort is the best path to building your own mana, taking care of yourself, your family and community.
These values are what the National Party is about.

I know from my childhood that supporting businesses and the primary sector is the key to keeping people in jobs, and kids fed.
That is exactly what we need to do again now.
It is why the National Party policy is about supporting businesses and employment settings to keep businesses open and getting people into work.
We’re incentivising businesses with policies like $10,000 to take on a new employee, offering a retraining plan as well as encouraging training providers to get people trained and into work in 12 months with a $4,000 bonus if they succeed.
Right now, here in Queenstown, this is the sort of policy we need to help rebuild our region.
We also plan to reintroduce health targets.
If a DHB doesn’t operate on day surgery within 4 months they will be accountable and must arrange alternative surgery – this is huge for an area like Southland.
Our policies also include 1000-day support for parents and kids, commitment to the infrastructure plan for Queenstown, 100,000 free counselling sessions for people suffering because of Covid-19 - the list goes on.
Southland needs a National government now more than ever to help get us through the tough times ahead.
I love this electorate where I live with my wife and our three children, it has been good to us and I would love to give back as the Member of Parliament for Southland.

Joseph Mooney
National Candidate for Southland

- Joseph Mooney