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Can you boil an egg?

December 4 2017 by Scott Stevens

Immigration is always a hot topic in the Wakatipu. The need for workers to feed our thriving tourism industry seems to be endless. Inevitably, some of those workers take a particular shine to New Zealand and look to turn a working holiday into permanent residency. This is a story told over and over again in Queenstown. Local and national media have picked up on our new Clutha Southland Member of Parliament Hamish Walker’s crusade to help one Queenstown based family in their fight to stay in New Zealand. However, there are many more stories that do not get headlines, and most do not have a happy ending. It was like losing a family member when one of my friends also an employee was sent packing by Immigration NZ last month. And that decision was under the last National Government’s immigration policy. Our new Labour/NZ First/Green Government is promising a much tougher stance. That’s a scary thought for business people like myself who are already feeling the staffing pinch.

To rub salt into my wounds and others affected by seemingly heartless and mystifyingly inconsistent decisions by Immigration NZ, our new Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern makes light of Kiwi citizenship by joking that British singer Ed Sheeran would need to answer a couple of silly questions to establish his credentials for New Zealand citizenship - Do you like Pineapple Lumps? Are you willing to wear jandals in semi-inappropriate situations? (, 29 November). We love a good joke from those whose decisions and political policies can rip the heart out of communities like Queenstown. Hilarious.

The now Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, when he stood in front of a packed crowd at the pre-election debate at the Queenstown Memorial Centre and argued for a cut in immigration numbers, claimed that many qualifying for visas now do not have the skills they say they have. Particularly chefs, who according to Peters “can’t even boil an egg”. My response to the Ardern/Peters comedy show, please ask Ed Sheeran this question: Can you boil an egg? Because in today’s Lakes Weekly and on Queenstown’s online job site there are 150 new hospitality job vacancies listed in Queenstown, 46 of which are for cooks and chefs. This skills shortage three weeks away from Christmas and New Year when Queenstown will have over 50,000 visitors a day all looking for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If PM Ardern insists on cracking jokes about immigration policy, at the very least she should be taking a leaf out of her deputy Winton Peters wise cracking joke book. Ed Sheeran, can you boil an egg? Have a look at the job requirements in the back half of the Lakes Weekly and ask the question, can you transport an egg, count an egg, lift an egg, wash an egg, boil an egg and serve an egg?


Scott Stevens

- Scott Stevens
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  • Enoch

    What a great idea Scott....very timely indeed....I see that today Germany has announced that they will pay 3000 Euro to each refugee to leave Germany.....perhaps we can get half a million rapists and thieves from Germany and settle them here in NZ....hopefully they will all become model citizens here, who work in the hotel and restraunt industries whilst they are not out raping and murdering people......yes, lets fill Queenstown up to the gunnels with refugees and immigrants....just imaging how many more taxi drivers we could fit into this town.....obviously the Germans have got it all wrong, so we should follow them down the slippery path of immigration.....

    Posted 04/12/2017 7:31pm (12 months ago)

  • Conner

    Geezus Enoch you’re pulling a very long bow there. WTF!!

    Posted 04/12/2017 7:38pm (12 months ago)

  • bewildered

    Its interesting and quite funny if im honest that you call Queenstown a community in some bid to take illogical pot shots at the new government. If you call a community a place where people have to submit themselves to extremely low wages share rooms at over $200 and have places that are occupied by over 20 people(forgetting about all the heath and wellbeing issues) I mean the list goes on how badly migrant workers are exploited, and all your worried about is that access to this labour may reduce therefore make you have to run a better or altered business model. And then seemed surprised why we've had a change of government. Enjoy the next 3 years, and instead of constantly complaining how about reflecting on what it means to live in a 'community'.

    Posted 05/12/2017 12:06pm (12 months ago)

  • CBD

    Scott,the local council and the business community ,of which I believe you are an integral part of appears to be part of the problem rather than solution in regard to many of the concerns you have commented on.
    .The council currently allows for continual increases in the number of new accommodation and other business activity's and developments , including the councils own Lakeview site with out having due regard to supporting infrastructure .
    It appears the council have no desire to hold these new and established business to account to provide suitable accommodation for their staff or-for them to provide a living wage .
    Rather the council appears to be all for supporting and subsidizing the big end of town by ensuring that they restrict mum and dad ratepayers from the opportunity to earn some much needed living expenses by dictating to who and when they they can rent,so that employers can have more accommodation advailble for staff. By getting these same ratepayers to subsidize through their rates a bus service to allow for the cheap transport of low paid workers.
    It appears the council has expend a considerable amount of council time and funds to provide for special housing areas and other short term housing fixes,which have been in part through bad planning and lack of council oversight has been taken up by those who it was not intended for.
    Surely it would be better for the Council to support and target rate employers,based on the number of employees to provide for accommodation complexes and work with central government to provide for gainfully employed New Zealanders to be housed in these at an reasonable rental,this has successfully worked here in past and still does overseas.?. Wouldn't this be better than have the council distracted and expending funds in an area they really should not be involved in and stop employers from relying on and taking advantage of the continual churn of overseas workers.

    Posted 05/12/2017 1:17pm (12 months ago)